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4-Channel Transmit Module with Patch Antenna for 5G Application

Future 5G technology is promising to provide users with much higher capacity and requires much higher data rates with
very low latency. Although mmwaves have been viewed as inappropriate for 5G mobile communication due to obstruction and atmospheric losses, recent research and investigation has shown that mm-wave propagation issues can be addressed and overcome with solutions that involve antenna schemes employing phase arrays and beam steering. New frequency band within 27 to 29.5GHz has been a strong candidate for the new 5G radio interface, and much research has been conducted at around 28GHz. This paper describes a 4-channel transmit chain, all at the circuit level and at mmwave of 27-29 GHz connected to a 4x1 beam steered patch antenna array. The whole transmit system is co-simulated with circuit level components and EM while displaying the antenna beam lookup angle by changing the state of the 4-bit phase shifter.
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