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Accelerating Radar EW System Design using Wideband Virtual Scenarios

Technology in modern Radar and Electronic Warfare systems is accelerating rapidly in terms of bandwidth, complexity, and the cost of design & verification. However, while the commercial wireless space has had important advances in ESL design & hardware verification methodologies, Radar and EW systems often still rely on inflexible hardware simulators, expensive outdoor range/flight testing, and self-supported toolsets that add to project costs. This webcast will explore newer system-level modeling & verification approaches that offer lower cost, adaptable R&D testbeds using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components. These system-level approaches virtualize missing Baseband algorithms, RF components, and external environments to enable earlier system integration and more aggressive use of RF & DSP design margins. This approach also allows faster deployment and more effective use of test assets.

This webcast will explore design approaches in several application areas, including MIMO and active electronic scanned array (AESA) radars; emerging RF and baseband architectures; use of simulation-based virtual scenarios; and links to advanced measurement instrumentation, such as M8190A AWG, M9381A VSG and M9703 multi-channel signal analyzer.
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