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Anite MIMO OTA Testing - Introduction

This video demonstrates Aniteâ??s integrated future-proof MIMO Over-the-Air test solutions.

Mobile operators, device and chipset manufacturers as well as test houses use Over-The-Air (OTA) testing to verify the true performance of MIMO and diversity capable mobile devices. In OTA performance testing, a wireless device is tested without any cables connected to it, thereby incorporating the complete performance of the device, including the antenna RF front end and baseband. By accurately replicating the field propagation conditions of a live network, Propsim creates a realistic RF environment that can be presented to a device within an anechoic or reverb chamber for standardised testing.

Anite is the only vendor that offers an integrated solution â?? approved by all major systems integrators â?? enabling LTE and LTE-Advanced testing of up to 32 channels in a single box. Propsimâ??s superior capacity means it is ready for future evolutions like Carrier Aggregation.

Propsim is compliant to all draft MIMO OTA testing specifications (related to any planned LTE transmission modes in anechoic chamber system installations) including those published by CTIA, 3GPP and CCSA. Users of Propsim are consequently able to verify that mobile devices meet expected industry requirements.

Users benefit from Propsimâ??s superior emulation accuracy (enabled by 3GPP defined channel models such as SCME UMa and SCME UMi) and quicker test execution compared to other solutions available on the market. This leads to more reliable test results and accelerated device assessment.

An OTA performance test system using a Propsim channel emulator is scalable from a single cluster to full 3D.
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