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Anite SAS Interoperability Testing

This video features SAS, Aniteâ??s future-proof interoperability test solution which accelerates the introduction of new mobile devices.

Todayâ??s mobile device users expect a superior experience â?? both in terms of functionality and quality of voice and data transfer. Rigorous device testing in the integration, interoperability and carrier acceptance testing phases enable mobile operators and device manufacturers to ensure that a device works as intended on the network.

Testing devices in the laboratory is a cost-effective, controllable, repeatable and automated methodology. It allows mobile operators to test unexpected behaviour in a controlled environment and launch new devices in a much shorter timescale.

SAS â?? Aniteâ??s easy-to-use network simulator solution â?? enables quick evaluation of devices in the integration or interoperability testing phase. The first product of its kind to be launched, it remains the solution of choice for Top-10 device manufacturers and Tier-1 mobile operators. Users prefer SAS because of its simple, intuitive graphical interface and cutting-edge functionalities and test cases.

SAS offers the broadest test coverage device acceptance programmes for Tier-1 mobile operators, enabling them to verify that a device complies with their specific specifications in a repeatable and controllable environment.

SAS also offers users the ability to test data performance under fading conditions. The internal fading capability in SAS makes it a comprehensive performance testing solution and forms part of a mobile operatorâ??s acceptance scheme. The data performance of a device is assessed in the lab under simulated real-life conditions (such as MIMO configurations, transmission modes and noise contribution) that affect the mobile user experience.
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