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Anritsu Webinar: Passive Intermodulation (PIM) concerns in in-building wireless systems

Operators now have multiple technology options available when it comes to deploying in-building wireless services. Options include passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), active DAS, Distributed Radio Systems (DRS) and Distributed Small Cells (DSC). When multiple operators / multiple technologies are deployed indoors sharing common antenna systems, passive intermodulation (PIM) can be a serious issue.

This presentation will provide an overview of each in-building wireless technology and discuss areas most prone to PIM generation. The presentation will also address methods to reduce PIM magnitude in in-building wireless systems.

What you will learn:
- In-building wireless technology overview addressing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Distributed Radio Systems (DRS) and Distributed Small Cells (DSC)

- Areas where PIM is a concern (and not a concern) for each in-building wireless technology

- Methods to mitigate PIM in in-building wireless networks

Who should watch:
- RF Engineers
- Project Managers
- Cellular technicians
- Wireless contractors

Tom Bell, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu
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