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Anritsu Webinar: Spectrum Monitoring Techniques - Capturing Unknown RF Signals

Spectrum monitoring is commonly used to diagnose RF communications issues, determine spectrum availability, analyze transmission patterns, spot illicit transmissions, clear frequencies, or as part of a regulatory enforcement system. Proper setup and use of spectrum analyzers, though seemingly simple, becomes complex in practice, once the characteristics of the signal to be captured are unknown. This webinar covers concepts, tools, and techniques of spectrum monitoring using Anritsu’s handheld spectrum analyzers.

Who should watch:
RF Engineers and RF Technicians responsible for creating and maintaining the integrity of RF communications networks or services.

What you will learn:
Techniques for making the best use of spectrum analyzers in a variety of conditions including unattended monitoring, interference detection, overload conditions, intermittent signals, bursty signals, detection of illicit signals, automated data collection, and full remote operation.

Tom Elliot, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu
Eric Hakanson, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu
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