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Demystifying 5G – requirements and timeline

In this video we answer the questions: what is 5G, what are the targeted applications and resulting requirements and what is the anticipated timeline?

The demystifying 5G video series discusses main topics related to 5G including requirements, timeline, potential frequency and waveform candidates.

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Pat commented on April 12, 2016
The same presenter addresses mmWave frequencies in this video - http://videos.m­icrowavejournal.­com/video/Demyst­ifying-5G-signal-generati
Raghu commented on April 12, 2016
When the mobility networks are looking at Gbps rates, why are 60GHz milli metric links not discussed ? Backhaul which today is traditionally fiber laying - is the real slow down. It not only ties down the path, but also takes a lot longer than the 90 minutes needed for millimetric wave links. We have deployed them extensively and are pleased with its cost / performance matrix.