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Fast and Accurate MultiPort PDL

The webcast focuses on how to do cost effective testing of multi-channel devices on the manufacturing floor for Insertion Loss (IS) and for Polorisation Dependent Loss (PLL) on devices such as ROADM, Mux/DeMux, WSS, Splitter and Interleaver.

Presenter: Dr Ralf Stolte
Dr. Ralf Stolte was founder and CEO of Adaptif Photonics GmbH, focusing on PMD and Polarization effects in networks. Adaptif has been known in industry for its variety of advanced T&M solutions as well as for its work on PMD mitigation. Ralf moved into a business development role in Keysight when Adaptif was acquired by in 07. Before starting Adaptif in 02, Ralf was in various marketing and R&D roles with HP and Keysight. Ralf is a grad in Electrical Engineering of the Tech Univ. in Hamburg-Harburg.
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