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High Frequency Circuits which Bend and Flex

Flexible PCB technology has been around for many decades. However due to the standard flexible circuit materials which are used, these circuits are typically not used at high frequencies or with high speed digital applications. Recently, there are more high frequency applications where having a circuit which can bend to a shape is desired and other applications where dynamic flexing is needed. The principles for bending and flexing a circuit are well understood in the flex circuit industry, however when using high frequency circuit materials, there are additional material properties which need to be considered.
The presentation will give an overview of the mechanics involved with bending and dynamic-flexing of a circuit. Following that discussion will be material properties which are critical to these applications and also how to predict the minimum bend radius and flex-life of a circuit. Finally, a comparison of measured data vs modeling results for bending and flexing circuits without fracturing conductors will be provided.

Presentation by John Coonrod of Rogers Corporation.

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