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How to generate, analyze and calibrate custom and pre-5G signals at 28 GHz

Facing challenges to confidently validate wide bandwidth microwave and millimeter wave designs used in various applications such as pre-5G and 5G? Take a look at this video to learn how to measure the true characteristics of your device-under-test (DUT) by establishing independent calibration reference planes at the input and the output of the DUT. The demonstration uses two types of signals both at 28 GHz – single carrier 700 Msa/sec 16-QAM signal, and an 8 carriers (each 100 MHz wide) pre-5G signal - both showing extremely low EVM performance after calibration. The pre-5G demo uses Keysight N7630C Signal Studio for pre-5G signal creation software and demodulate the signal using Signal Optimizer to achieve about 1% EVM. For more information visit
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