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IMS2015 MicroApps - In-Situ Antenna Measurements in Microwave Office

Electromagnetic simulation software is commonly used to simulate antennas of various kinds. The antenna in turn needs to be driven from a circuit. The problem is that the circuit and antenna influence each other. This is because the antennaâÂ?Â?s pattern is affected by the power and relative phasing at its various ports. In turn, the input impedance to the antenna can change with changing antenna pattern, for example, in the case of a scanned array. The impedance affects the performance of the circuit.

In this talk, we demonstrate how Microwave Office automatically accounts for the coupling between the antenna and the circuit in a easy-to-use framework. The designer identifies the antenna data source, the circuit schematic driving the antenna, and the measurement under consideration, for example the power radiated over scan angle. We illustrate the concept with a number of interesting examples in phased arrays, where the antennas are simulated in both 3D planar (AXIEM) and 3D finite-element (Analyst) electromagnetic simulators.

Presented by: Dr. John Dunn, EM Technologist, AWR Group, NI
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