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IMS2015 MicroApps - Transceiver Module and Multi-element Phased Array Design for 5G

This presentation covers subject matter such as transceiver module and satellite communication system analysis. It explores the pros and cons of three different transceiver architectures, investigating the benefits of each of the architectures, and discusses Visual System SimulatorâÂ?¢ RF modeling capabilities in general. Subject matter such as forward error correction encoding, spread spectrum and GPS code generation is also covered. Throughout the presentation real time simulations are used to further demonstrate VSS exceptional simulation capabilities.

Additionally, the presentation highlights the new phased array capability in VSS that accounts for gain and phase offsets of each element, angles of incidence of the transmitted or incoming signal (theta and phi), and element location and operation frequency. The model enables users to configure the array using custom or standard element arrangements and tapers. Most importantly, it allows the user to specify non-linear characteristics of its elements, such as P1dB, IP3, NF, etc., and use them in evaluating system performance and measurements.

Presented by: Dr. Gent Paparisto, Product Manager RF Systems, AWR Group, NI
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