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New Keysight CX3300 series measures wideband & low-level current waveforms

The CX3300 series enables you to measure low-level dynamic current previously unmeasurable and visualize clean waveforms you have never seen before.
This new category analyzer is useful for advanced device characterization such as ReRAM, PRAM, etc. and low-power device evaluation such as IoT, BLE, MCU, etc.
For example, it enables you to measure 1 uA level of dynamic current under 100 MHz bandwidth. The measurable current ranges from 10 A down to 100 pA level, and the maximum measurement bandwidth is 200 MHz. The measurement dynamic range, which is always necessary for wide dynamic range of current measurements, is 14-bit or 16-bit.
In addition to these superior measurement performance, the CX3300 series offers a variety of analysis capabilities such as FFT, "Anywhere" Zoom, Automatic Power and Current Profiler, CCDF, etc.
Using the CX3300 series, you can measure current transients or current consumptions you have never seen before.
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