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PE29100 High-speed GaN FET Driver

UltraCMOS technology enables power innovation.
Youâ??ve seen how intelligent integration, a unique capability of UltraCMOS technology, has enabled the combination of RF, analog, and digital all on the same chip.
But the leader in SOI has solutions that spread even further than just RF SOI. UltraCMOS technology achieves the fastest switching times of any CMOS technology, leading to smaller inductors and transformers, which lowers volume and increases power density.
So we said to ourselves, why not use this capability to support the power revolution?
From big things to the little things, everything is getting smaller. Demand for smaller products requires designers to continuously find ways to reduce board space. Many designers are looking to GaN for itâ??s unsurpassed power density and top performance, but have found the available supporting devices donâ??t support the limit of what GaN can do.
Weâ??re pleased to announce the new PE29100 GaN FET Driver, which supports GaN power switching up to 33 MHz and enables the true potential of GaN FET technology.
GaN FETs enable higher current at higher switching speeds in the smallest possible volume.
â?¢ This shrinks anything with a power supply,
â?¢ Increases the speed and resolution in 3-D LiDAR imaging, which relies on superior resolution and response time for more complex applications,
â?¢ Extends the ease-of-use of wireless energy transfer
â?¢ Reduces power loss with more efficient envelope tracking
â?¢ And enables board reduction in audio equipment by reducing bulky and expensive filters that add to system size.
Because GaN canâ??t do everything, it is limited by the products that support it. UltraCMOS technology provides complementary supporting components at frequencies higher than any other CMOS-based technology, with incredible performance.
A FET driver needs to charge and discharge gate capacitance as quickly as possible. High current drivers charge and discharge gate capacitance, enabling fast rise and fall times. FET drivers also need very low propagation to allow fast signals and need to avoid â??shoot throughâ?%9D by not turning on high side and low side FETâ??s at the same time.
The incredible switching times made possible with UltraCMOS technology enable the use of smaller inductors and transformers in the overall design resulting in the smaller solutions that designers, and end customers, are looking for.
The PE29100 operates up to 33 MHz and has an incredibly fast propagation delay of 8 ns. It has a rise time of 2.5 ns and fall time of 1.8 ns when driving a 1000pF load and 1ns rise and fall times with 100pF load. Internal Dead-time control with a 1-pin, single phase input made make the part easy to use. It also has a 2A peak source and 4A sink current. All of this in tiny 2 x 1.6 mm flip chip package.
GaN technology is enabling the next generation of technological advancements with itâ??s unsurpassed power density and top performance, and we enable GaN.
We enable the power revolution.
Faster Switching. Higher Frequencies. Top Performance. UltraCMOS Technology.
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