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PE42020 UltraCMOS® True DC RF Switch

The frequency spectrum is becoming increasingly crowded with use.
And in the RF world, entire sets of data are lost because of technology limitations.
Instead of battling a complex problem with an equally complicated solution, we believe in intelligent answers.
UltraCMOS® technology enables Intelligent Integration, a combination of high reliability, smaller footprint, improved performance, greater system capability, and increased flexibility. Weâ??ve already proven excellent RF performance down to 9 kHz and now are shipping the worldâ??s first True DC switch that operates at zero Hertz, giving the ability to truly cover the signal over the entire frequency spectrum.
UltraCMOS technology gives the ability to integrate Analog, digital, and rf functions, enabling features such as Analog DC tracking, digital logic control, and high performance rf switching, in the only single-chip switch solution that can be used in the worldâ??s most accurate signal testing.
Broad bandwidth is key in applications where testing the entire frequency spectrum is necessary. So our DC switch maintains high frequency signal fidelity and preserves the DC voltage from 8GHz, all the way down to zero Hertz.
The PE42020 SPDT RF switch features a standard digital control interface, and incorporates the flexibility to operate in a 50 Ohms absorptive or open reflective impedance mode. With voltage handling of plus minus 10V, AC or True DC on the RF ports, and high CW RF power handling of 36 dBm @ 8GHz, and 30dBm at zero Hertz. It also features Total harmonic distortion of â??84 dBc, high Isolation of 37 dB @ 6 GHz, low Insertion loss of 1 dB @ 6 GHz, excellent IIP3 of 62 dBm, and fast Switching time of 10us.
Until now, the only solutions that operate at 0 Hz include MEMs and Mechanical relays. Which cannot offer integration or power handling abilities at all. UltraCMOS technology offers both of these things, as well as improved reliability, form factor, and flexibility.
In addition to the UltraCMOS repeatability and long term reliability, the True DC switch features 1KV Human body model ESD rating on all pins and is Configurable as either a 50Ω absorptive or open reflective switch via a single digital pin (LZ) All in a tiny 20 lead 4x4 mm QFN package.
UltraCMOS technology can be effectively leveraged over multiple frequency bands, from current products in the Ka band[pause] and now all the way down to zero hertz. Intelligent Integration. UltraCMOS True DC Switch Technology.
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