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PE42420 SPDT RF Switch

Product overview of the PE42420 UltaCMOS® RF Switch

Product Overview:
The PE42420 is an SPDT UltraCMOS® RF Switch designed to meet the needs of the ever evolving wireless infrastructure market. This 100MHz to 6GHz switch is the industry's highest isolation switch, with an approximately 20% improvement over other competing solutions.

The wireless infrastructure market has entered into a period of major mobile broadband capacity upgrades, where network equipment vendors are challenged with providing operators with flexible backwards compatible solutions which replace their legacy 2G/3G network products with systems capable of supporting multiple standards including emerging standards such as LTE-Advanced. In order to maximize performance in next generation high linearity wireless communication systems, increased isolation is required to minimize coupling between multiple signal paths which can contaminate the primary signal path.

The PE42420 enables increased network capacity and high data rates in these systems by providing high isolation performance without sacrificing linearity and insertion loss. It also features 1.8V and 3.3V logic control for maximum design flexibility, and high ESD ratings of 2KV human body model on all pins to ensure high reliability of the customer's end product.

The PE42420 is ideal for applications such Base Station Transceiver Systems, Remote Radio Heads, and wireless backhaul; as well as Industrial, Scientific and Medical: ISM band devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies. Additional features of PE42420 include fast switching time of 300ns and low insertion of 1dB at 3GHz.
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