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PE42423 UltraCMOS® Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi SPDT Switch

The PE42423 is an UltraCMOS® Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Switch. This 100 MHz - 6 GHz RF switch delivers 50 times more iso-lation and 10 times better linearity for 802.11ac WiFi access points than competing solutions.

This product is for engineers designing network access points for carrier-grade, Gigabit WiFi. These engineers face many new design challenges, including exceeding linearity requirements due to the transition to 802.11ac. This transition marks an increase in the complexity of modulation schemes to achieve high data rates and isolating signals within a radio and across multiple radio's in an access point. These challenges will continue to grow rapidly. Mobile Experts' research shows that number of carrier-grade WiFi access points deployed has grown 40 percent in 2013 alone, with an even greater increase expected as the markets shifts to support dual-band 802.11ac.

The rising amount of cellular data offload to the Wifi network is creating a significant increase in the complexity of the access point radios. Most WiFi access points now contain multiple radios in order to address the capacity demands of cellular data. Based on Peregrine's UltraCMOS® technology, the PE42423 is the first in its class to offer 41dB of port-to-port isolation. This best-in-class isolation enables multi-radio access points to perform at peak levels without interference between the radios. In this 802.11ac WiFi radio unit, the PE42423 dramatically reduces the signal interference between the transmit and receive paths of the signal chain to ensure signal clarity and range. The high port-to-port isolation feature on the PE42423 is especially useful in WiFi access points deploying multiple radios within one chassis because it reduces performance-degrading channel to channel interference.

In addition to superior isolation, Peregrine's WiFi RF switch offers 65dBm of linearity, which exceeds Gigabit WiFi standards by a factor of 10. This eliminates distortion in systems with high modulation schemes and improves coverage, clarity and range of the signals. It also operates with no performance difference from 3.3V to 5V, giving networking vendors the flexibility to operate at lower power supplies and minimize energy consumption. It has a fast switching time of 500ns and high ESD ratings of 3kV HBM on all RF pins.

The SPDT switch Evaluation Board was designed to ease customer evaluation of Peregrine's PE42423.
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