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PE42820-21 High Power SPDT UltraCMOS® RF Switches

The PE42820 and PE42821 SPDT UltraCMOS® RF Switches provide the ideal solution for high power LTE wireless applications. Operating over a broadband frequency range from 30MHz to 2.7GHz, these switches achieve 30W power handling along with the exceptional linearity necessary for modern wireless standards.

Next generation high RF power wireless applications targeted for LTE are plagued with performance and reliability problems stemming from the use of traditional PIN diode switch solutions and mechanical relays. Peregrine's UltraCMOS technology solves this tough market problem by providing robust and reliable high power RF switch solutions, which not only offer superior performance, but also significantly reduce the design-in complexity, solution footprint, and costs associated with the external components required to support competing solutions. Peregrine's high power switches allow our customers to offer cost effective, high quality products, while reducing their time to market.

The PE42820 and PE42821 switches resolve market challenges by providing High power handling of 30W, High linearity of 81dBm at 2.7GHz, and low Insertion loss of 0.4dB at 2.7GHzThey also feature Low power consumption of 130uA which is 10x lower than the competing solutions all in a Small 5x5mm 32-lead QFN package.

The PE42820 and 21 are ideal for the Land mobile radio and Wireless infrastructure markets. Applications include T/R switching, Filter bank switching, Very high power attenuator chain and Antenna band switching. PE42821 is a fast switching version of the PE42820, with switching time of 6µs. The switches also feature 1.8V and 3.3V logic control for maximum design flexibility, and high ESD ratings of 1.5KV human body model on all pins to ensure high reliability of the customer's end product. The SPDT switch Evaluation Board was designed to ease customer evaluation of Peregrine's PE42820 and 21.
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