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PE46120 Monolithic Phase & Amplitude Controller

The Game has changed. You need better performance, reliability, and a monolithic solution, that doesnâ??t rely on a bunch of variables that can knock out your entire design. UltraCMOS® technology enables Intelligent Integration, a combination of reliability, smaller footprint, improved performance, greater system capability, and flexibility. Allowing us to deliver UltraCMOS MPAC, the worldâ??s first fully integrated Monolithic Phase & Amplitude Controller.
This device is used to optimize the performance of a Doherty power amplifier architecture which is used in wireless infrastructure base station and small cell transmitters. The demand for new multimode transceivers is experiencing exponential growth as the implementation of LTE and LTE-A spreads. While resolution concerns in markets such as Phase array radar and vector signal control have raised the performance requirements for internal components.
Our solution provides the capability to optimize Doherty amplifier transmit architectures while reducing your manufacturing costs and minimizing your design time. Weâ??ve taken our market-leading UltraCMOS IP, integrated them onto a single die, and put it in a tiny package to drop into your design.
This single-chip, digitally-controlled solution incorporates phase and amplitude tuning flexibility of each independent carrier and peaking path with an integrated 90 degree splitter, allowing you to lock in the exact phase and amplitude you need in your signal and match any asymmetry in your design.
MPAC lowers overall costs by improving PA yields, reducing external component needs, and lowering engineering costs and investment. It also improves overall power added efficiency, linearity across the frequency range, Doherty bandwidth by providing better matching, and improves effectiveness of the Digital Pre-Distortion loop. It increases transceiver yield.... and produces uniformity and repeatability between the TX paths. MPAC delivers tuning flexibility, enabling that enables real-time adjustments in order to optimize for operational or environmental changes.
The first product in the UltraCMOS MPAC product family is now available, featuring a Frequency range of 1.8 to 2.2 GHz, Phase range of 87.2 degrees with 2.8 degree step resolution, attenuation range of 7.5dB with 0.5dB resolution, High Channel to channel isolation of 30dB, High P0.1dB of 35 dBm, and exceptional linearity IIP3 of 60 dBm. Additionally, PE46120 also features consistent performance across itâ??s 2.7 to 5.5 volt power supply voltage, while having 1.8 and 3 volt control logic support, low Power consumption of 350uA, a wide Temperature support range of -40C to 105C, and a simple 3-wire serial interface to control each channel independently to automate and optimize the Doherty amplifiers performance. All of this is offered in a single small 6x6 QFN package.
The PE46120 has a single path relative attenuation that maintains monotonicity and low attenuation error across the entire frequency range. While the single path relative phase also maintains monotonicity across the entire RF frequency range. All adding up to give the configurability, flexibility, repeatability, ease of use, and performance only possible with UltraCMOS technology.
Intelligent Integration. UltraCMOS MPAC.
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