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Video 1/5: Radial velocity measurements using CW Radar signals

While our first video series on radar is highly appreciated, we have created this second series showing more advanced Radar applications compared to the first series .(

This way the whole video series demonstrates the performance of Rohde & Schwarz instruments in Radar test applications. First we will use MATLAB coding examples that allow interfacing with the instruments. Second we also will show our dedicated Rohde & Schwarz radar test personalities built into the instruments. This way we would like to address mainly Students and everyone who is interested in Radar test and measurement applications.

In this first video we start with a simple application such as distance and speed measurement. The basic setup for Radar velocity tests is shown. The theory is basically explained along with the formulas. Finally a test using a moving vehicle will be shown and how the data is evaluated using an oscilloscope.

Learning objectives:

- How to perform Radar velocity tests using CW signals
- Setup of instruments and external components
- Evaluation of signals using an oscilloscope

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