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Wideband High Resolution Test w/ Precision Keysight M8190A AXIe AWG

View this video to see the Keysight M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) with newly developed and patented analog-to-digital converter chip!

The AWG uses a disruptive technology achieved through a BiCMOS silicon geranium process that is 3 years ahead of the market. The AWG was built based on the AXIe architecture standard.

With up to 14bit vertical resolution it offers the world's highest Spurious Free Dynamic Range of up to 80 dBc, in its speed class. It has about a 30 dB advantage over what is available on the market today. The AWG is the ideal instrument for engineers who are working on products for the aerospace and defense market such as radar and WiGig applications. With 2G sample of memory and up to 5 GHz analogue bandwidth customers can generate realistic waveforms that minimze the need for high-cost flight testing. It lets customers create signal scenarios that push their designs to the limit and bring new insights to their analysis.

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