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e2v and Peregrine Semiconductor Announce Strategic Reseller Agreement

Duncan Pilgrim: Iâ??m pleased to announce that Peregrine and e2v have entered into a strategic reseller agreement to sell Peregrineâ??s high reliability space products.

Brad Little: e2v is excited about this engagement. It provides customers in the aerospace and defense market a total solution to their problems, from an RF standpoint and also from a signal chain standpoint. We can now offer RF solutions to our space customers.

Duncan: Peregrine is a QML-certified supplier, and all our future QML products will be sold through e2v.

Brad: e2v has been servicing the aerospace and defense marketplace for over three decades. The addition of Peregrine products to the e2v portfolio enables us to provide signal-processing solutions at the antenna.

Duncan: We will continue to provide the high performance products that our customers require, using our unique UltraCMOS® technology. Our UltraCMOS technology enables us to integrate RF, mixed signal and digital all onto the same die. It lowers the number of external components, and it reduces the overall solution size.

Brad: e2v has a global organization. We have sales offices in Asia, Europe and North Americaâ??all focusing on the aerospace and defense marketplace. Peregrineâ??s silicon on sapphire technology allows us to expand our space product offering and provide radiation-tolerant parts to our space customers.

Duncan: UltraCMOS products do not contain the bulk parasitics found in standard CMOS devices. This means single event latch-up is impossible and makes Peregrineâ??s devices inherently radiation tolerant.

Peregrineâ??s space products have been used on hundreds of satellites and on missions to seven planets and several asteroids.

Brad: e2v has over 4,000 QML products released today. These products are sold worldwide and also are used in a variety of applications. Weâ??ve landed on planets. Weâ??ve landed on comets, and weâ??re used in commercial avionics.

Duncan: This relationship combines two leadersâ??Peregrine, the leader in RF innovation, and e2v, the leader in aerospace and defense semiconductors.
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